Closure of E22

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During spring 2018, the bridge carrying the E22 over Sölvegatan will be replaced. The construction work will require road closures while the old bridge is demolished and the new one launched, and all traffic near the construction site will be affected.

Dates when roads will be closed:

March 19 - May 21: Pedestrian and cycle path on Sölvegatan under the E22 is closed.

April 5-17: E22 is closed between Gastelyckan (junction 21) and Lund Norra (junction 22).


Brief information about the bridge replacement

The new bridge is currently being built alongside the existing one. The opening under the new bridge will be twice as wide as under the old one. The new bridge will be slid into place (launched) after Easter. 

On March 19, preparations begin for the work on the bridge launch. The pedestrian and cycle path on Sölvegatan under the E22 will be completely closed. The concrete will be demolished, many thousand cubic metres of earth will be removed, and Sölvegatan will be widened to 28 metres to accommodate the new bridge. 

On April 5, the E22 highway will be closed to traffic. The old bridge will be demolished and the new one slid into place. This process will take two weeks and, on April 19, the E22 will be opened again. 

However, the work under the bridge will continue until May 21. New pipes will be installed, and Sölvegatan will be given a completely new appearance in this section. In the middle there will be the double-tracked tramway and on each side, there will be a lane for vehicles and a pedestrian and cycle path. 

How the new bridge will be launched

The work with the bridge will take place 24 hours a day, and will be completed in two weeks. 

As soon as the E22 closes on Thursday April 5 at 8.00 p.m. (20.00), the work to remove the asphalt surface will begin. This will be completed by the Friday morning. On Friday and Saturday (April 6-7), the existing bridge will be demolished, and the base of the excavation site will be inspected by geotechnical engineers before the work can continue. 

A layer of gravel will be placed in the base of the cavity. On Sunday April 8, the launching equipment (slideways and beams) will be put in position in preparation for the bridge launch, which starts on Monday April 9. 

Once the bridge is in place, the launching equipment and materials will be removed, and several supporting walls will be built before the filling work can begin. The bridge will be supported by backfill of crushed rock in several places to ensure it sits firmly in place. This work will continue for several days. After the backfilling work, asphalt will be laid on the road, crash barriers built, and road markings painted. The reopening is changed to Thuesday April 17 at 8.00 p.m. (20.00). 


There will be a certain amount of noise during the launch, mainly during the period when we demolish the old bridge and remove the rock and earth. The noise assessment indicates higher noise levels, but we have taken measures to limit the noise as much as possible.

Rock transports

Most of the excavated rock will be removed and used within the construction area, but a certain amount must be driven away. This will be transported by lorry, via Scheelevägen and via the highway / Lund Norra junction. 

After the bridge has been launched

Once the bridge has been launched, and the highway reopened, the work will continue under the bridge on Sölvegatan. District heating and cooling pipes, water pipes, gas pipes and cable ducts will be installed.  Then we will build up the road again, which will now consist of the tramway track area, the road lanes, and the new pedestrian and cycle paths. Once that stage of the work is completed, the route under the bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and motor traffic can be reopened. We expect the road to be reopened on May 21. 

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