Reroutes for pedestrian and cycle path on Sölvegatan under the E22

The pedestrian and cycle path on Sölvegatan under the E22 will be closed March 19 - May 21. The route will be closed from 07.00 am on March 19. During this period, the cycle route will be diverted via Sångarevägen - Tunavägen - Scheelevägen.

Signs on the map: Pedestrian and cycle path west of Sony is closed March 19 - May 21. Use Sölvegatan.
Pedestrian and cycle path under the E22 is closed March 19 - May 21. Diversion via Sångarevägen - Tunavägen - Scheelevägen.

The pedestrian and cycle path must be closed because of the preparatory excavations needed before the bridge is replaced. Even when the new bridge has been launched, the pedestrian and cycle paths must be kept closed while all the pipes are laid. All pipes and ducts will be installed after the bridge has been launched. 

During the same period, March 19 - May 21, the cycle path west of Sony will be closed while cables are installed. The map above shows the closed pedestrian and cycle paths and the diversion routes. Other cycle paths will be open as normal. 

Useful information for cyclists

Rental bikes
The bike rental system, Digibike, will be setting out bikes that you can rent simply via their app, 

Lundahoj is another bike system, where you pay a membership fee of SEK 75/year and then cycle free of charge for the first half-hour. There are other payment options. Lundahoj bike stations are found in several places on the west side of the E22. New bike stations will be placed near the Ridhuset stables and close to the Scheeleparken bus stop. Maps showing the cycle stations can be found on the Lundahoj website,

Cycling between central Lund and Brunnshög
If you are cycling from central Lund towards Östra Torn-Brunnshög, we recommend that you follow the red cycle route. Follow the signs to Östra Torn. When cycling in the other direction, follow the signs to the railway station. Cycle maps are available from the municipal office Kristallen, Brotorget 1, in Lund.

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