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The tramway between Lund Central Station and ESS (European Spallation Source) is a contribution to the public transport of the future, in one of the busiest commuter routes in Lund, also called The Science Road.

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The Tram Route:

  • The tram route runs from Lund Central Station to Science Village/ESS in North East, connecting passengers with rail services and main working places and research institutions in Lund
  • The tram route is approx. 5,5 km long. Double tracks. 9 stops.
  • The tram net may be extended to Dalby and Staffanstorp in the future.

The Construction Works:

    • Starts in March, 2017, on three different sites.
    • Tramway in Lund is constructed by Skanska Sverige AB.
    • Watch a short animation about the construction process:

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Urban Planning along the Tramway

  • The tram route Lund C - ESS will connect Lund's medieval city center and a completely new city in the North East, Brunnshog.
  • The tramway is a spine of The Science Road: all the stops are also vital nodes for urban planning along the way.
  • Every node is a matter for urban densification or urban expansion.
  • Urban planning in the area aims to achieve a mixed-use city.
  • Until 2050, when the area is built completely, there will be approx. 50,000 people living or working along the tram route.

Urban space and Infrastructure:

  • The design of the tracé is going to be comprehensible and accessible.
  • The tracé is going to contribute to the urban greenery, as parts of the route are going to run in the grass. Less car traffic also promotes positive climate impact.
  • Here's the design manual for the tracé (in Swedish).
  • Infrastructure investment cost: 776 million SEK (the sum is shared between the Municipality of Lund and the Swedish Government).


The Fleet:

  • 7 modern accessible trams: length approx. 30 m, breadth 2,65 m, with an overhead wire.
  • Practical capacity: approx. 200 passengers (we count with 2 people per square meter).
  • The manufacturer will be CAF from Spain.
  • Here's a design manual for the tram cars and the platforms (in Swedish).
  • The fleet defrays by Skånetrafiken/Region of Skåne.



  • The trams are going to run every 7,5 minute at the start.
  • The trams will be given an own street space and are not going to share space with other traffic means, crossings exepted.



  • Is going to be located nearby the research center ESS, at the end of the tramline.
  • The estimated cost - 200 million SEK - defrays by Region Skåne.



  • The construction works on the infrastructure starts in January, 2017, and continues until 2019.
  • The operation of the trams is planned to begin in the second half of 2020.

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